• What's in a kit?
    A kit can include multiples of the same units (like five necklaces) or a mix of items (three necklaces and two scarves). We pick the products in part to complement each other, in part to optimize shipping costs, and always to maximize your profit.

  • Why is there a membership fee?
    We charge a membership fee so that only people who are serious about joining sign up. BUT, when you sign up for a membership, your account has a $5 credit added which will automatically be applied to your first item purchase. So, as long as you buy at least once, membership is basically free!

    Also, to be crystal clear, this is a one-time charge, NOT a recurring fee. No tricks or funny business with us!

  • Is the membership fee refundable?
    Nope...but it’s, like, only five bucks. Don't sign up if you're not into it.

  • What about shipping and sales tax?
    The price you see is the price you pay - shipping is always included. But, if you live somewhere that requires us to charge you sales tax, we'll do that.

  • How can I see products?
    Members can click on the "Kits" link to browse or shop. Non-members should go to our Instagram feed @kashkit.

  • What if I can't resell everything?
    Get better at evaluating your buyers, and in the meantime, enjoy the product(s).
  • How does the order process work?
    1. Follow @KashKit on Instagram to stay on top of the products we have available

    2. If you see something you think you can sell, check out the description on the post. The caption will look something like this:
    $$ #kashkit 617
    In stock
    Rose Necklace+Crystal Necklace
    18"" silver plated cable link necklace with a beautiful oxidized rose pendant. Spring ring clasp for easy opening. Packaged in an organza bag. 18"" silver plated cable link necklace with a striking quartz crystal pendant. Pendant measures over 1 1/4"" long. Clear quartz to match any outfit. Spring ring clasp for easy opening. Packaged in a satin pouch.
    Items in kit: 3 of each
    Kit price: $45
    Sugg. retail price:$18 each/$108 total
    Ships: 2-3 days after order"

    Text us the Kit Code (for example, "12345" - we'll know the text is from you) to express interest. You have no obligation to place the order - if you never commit the order, you don't get charged.

    3. We'll send you one or more post-ready photos that you can share with your followers to get a sense of buying interest. The Instagram post has our recommended retail price, but you can sell it for whatever you want, or give it as a gift.

    4. Once you're feeling good about being able to resell the kit item(s), send us a confirmation text in the form Kit Kode/C - for example, "12345/C". As long as it hasn't sold out since you texted in your preliminary interest, when you text us this confirmation, you are placing an order. We'll charge the card on file and get the kit out to you in the timeframe described on the original IG post.